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October 2011

Kinkead Ridge at the Fast Cars Fine Food event, a Culinary Scholarship Fundraiser for the American Culinary Federation of Cincinnati at the Porsche/Maserati dealership on Oct. 14. My culinary helper Ann, who also works at Nectar Restaurant with the marvelous Chef Julie Frances. A very talented lady and a sweetheart too!

Kinkead Ridge and Meranda-Nixon on national blog... long and interesting. Ron and Mike are covering all the wine making states alphabetically, and earlier posts are available at

Harvest has begun. 4.71 tons of Cab Franc off, very nice fruit. Here's Andrea during that pick.

We picked the Viognier; it came in at 23.4 Brix and is very nice. The 26th is Roussanne, followed by Riesling. We also picked the grapes for the white Revelation blend. The seven plants of Albarino produced beautiful grapes... very translucent, like Roussanne. Tomorrow the 22nd Roussanne. Next week Viognier. We're not happy about the rain forecasts for the next few days, but Ron will probably pull the vintage out of his magic hat as usual.

A time line for Kinkead Ridge "picking buckets". Since the grapes on a VSP trellis are at an awkward height, you can either kneel or stoop which is tough all day. I came up with the idea to sit on 5 gallon buttons. In the first iteration, that lip is pretty uncomfortable. So next we used stool cushions but they tend to fall off get dirty and then can fall apart in the washing machine making a big mess with the stuffing. This week I had our local carpet store glue remnants into the buckets!

Kinkead Ridge featured in Cincinnati Magazine.

The winery is now closed for harvest until the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the annual barrel tasting.

Last bottle of 2008 Gold Medal winning Cabernet Sauvignon leaves the winery!

Thanks to everyone who came to the winery on September 3, 5 and 10th. In addition to a great crowd, Time Warner Cable filmed us for a show called "The Best of Ohio".


The videographers from DH Productions, Centerville The youngest visitor with a Bremner wafer
Filming for "The Best of Ohio" Gretchen, Courtnee and Megan
Bill and fiance. Three weeks til the wedding! The videographers from Time Warner Cable

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