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February 2010

Wine Enthusiast reviews 2008 Viognier/Roussanne: "This fun, flirty Viognier/Roussanne blend starts with lively lemon and citrus aromas and leads into a joyful blend of curvy honey and plucky spice. Fruit and acidity are in good balance. A pretty wine with character." - S.K. (2009-11-12)
# Rating: 87

Loren Sonkin gives the 2007 Cabernet Franc 90 points on

"IMO, this is the best winery for red wines in Ohio. And, 2007 was the best vintage in these parts in a long time. Perhaps it truly will be a vintage of the century. I drank this bottle over two nights. $18 Ohio. Ruby in color with some opaque qualities to it. On the first night, it showed plenty of raspberries and some cassis. While these remained, on Day 2, a bit of green tobacco and an underlying earthiness came out. On the palate, this was medium bodied raspberry juice on Day 1, but it put on weight and showed much more complexity on Day 2. Layers of fruit and earth. I think a year or two in the cellar (or at least a couple of hours in a decanter), but this is a quality Cab Franc. It does not have any off green flavors. Want to impress someone with the quality of an Ohio red wine? This is it. And, the price is very reasonable for the quality."

Loren Sonkin, Mark Squires Bulletin Board gives the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 90 points.

"I think this is one of the best wineries in Ohio and certainly the best for red wines. 2007 was also one of the best vintages in these parts. I served this blind and Jeff thought it was local. Most others found it to be very good although no one pegged it for a Cab. Light ruby in color, clear and bright. The nose has pretty strawberry notes with some cherries. A bit of an herbal note as well. Nice texture. This is a very good red wine. I don't know about "varietal correctness" but it is delicious. For $17 Ohio, I am going to lay down a few. I think it ages well for 5 to 10 years as it got better all night long. (90 pts.)"

Happy Valentine's Day!

All the wine released in 2009 is now sold out at the winery, and the winery is closed until Memorial Day 2010 for the release of a small quantity of white wine. Because of the small quantity of white wine from 2009, the winery will probably not be open this summer. Check back after the Memorial Day release for details.

Ron will start pruning soon.

Photos of the annual winegrower party are on the blog,

Angelo Gaja (Italian producer) quote: "The vineyard is a tough school. You learn to distrust appearances; you get used to having your hopes dashed. If the season is bad from the start, you have time to resign yourself. But in years like 1966, everything is fine until the fall, and then rain ruins beautiful grapes."

We had a similar experience this year.
The 2009 vintage report is available at

The Wine Enthusiast rates the 2008 Viognier/Roussanne 87 points! Tasting notes: "This fun, flirty Viognier/Roussanne blend starts with lively lemon and citrus aromas and leads into a joyful blend of curvy honey and plucky spice. Fruit and acidity are in good balance. A pretty wine with character." - S.K.

Reports from the Annual Barrel Tasting, the Saturday after Thanksgiving: first reviews of 2008 reds (currently in barrel, Released September 2010) from Dan McGrew,

"The 2007 wines are big, full flavored, young and delicious. The 2008 wines have many of the same characteristics but seem to add a dimension of elegance to that mix. Both are very, very good vintages in this area. Sadly, the 2009 vintage is very poor - the price one pays in this area.

At Kinkead Ridge we tasted, in order, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. The Syrah was the most closed of the wines, the Cab Franc the most open and instantly appealing, the Petit Verdot the darkest and most flavorful, but the Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite. Flavor, body, acid, tannin, oak were all first class. Time to put away some between now and September of 2010 when the bottled wines will be released.

This past September I purchased a mixed case of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from the 2007 vintage, and it was good to taste those wines again to see how they were developing. I have yet to open any of mine. I was more than pleased with the progress the two wines showed in the bottle. Again, the Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite."


Review by Aaron Fetters, Cincinnati of the Annual Barrel Tasting.

"Let's start with our first stop of the day, Kinkead Ridge in Ripley. Kinkead was sampling 4 varieties from their 2008 vintage all still aging in the barrels - Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Verdot. I'll start by noting, 2008 was an amazing growing year for grapes here in Southern Ohio - hot and dry with a late harvest. With that fact in mind, it's no wonder all 4 of the wines Ron at Kinkead was sampling were absolute BOMBS. I tend to talk up Ohio wines probably more than I should, but for once I think it's no exaggeration to say no one would ever believe these wines come from Ohio - they taste way more like huge reds from northern California. My personal favorite at this point was the Syrah which will be the first Kinkead has put its primary label on since 2005. Each of these wines will be released around Labor Day 2010 so be sure to make a note of it for future reference."

For the full report, see

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We are often asked about food and wine pairings. This is a great site to browse, Natalie MacLean's
Food Matcher.


"Why  go for those long distance relationships when you can find love in your own back yard." 


Brillat Savarin noted two features which distinguish man from beast:
1. Fear of the future.
2. Desire for fermented liquors.

   Words on Wine: 

I'm starting to write the wine label text for this year's releases and found this HILARIOUS web site to generate silly tasting notes. See Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Make a New Note, and generate text like these. Have fun!

Rounded but equally over-oaked Merlot. Forcefully bites you with hair-spray, morally supe...rior slim jims and traces of orange jello. Drink now through 2011.

Ready to drink and overdone Syrah. Essences of prune, acidic monster carrot and scant clay. Drink now through whenever the cows come home.

Intense but lackluster Cabernet. Reminiscent of peach-pit, arcane seedless watermelon and dainty beef. Drink now through 2012.

Creepy and whimsical Rose. Starts with pear, limp bourbon and semi-weak toast. Drink now through April.

Rich and smokey almost unripe Gamay. Detectable toast, middle-aged lime and corpulent juniper. Drink now through never.



Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her,

"I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids
 from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug."
She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine.

She's such a bitch.


Famous quotes throughout history about wine. Click here.

You are riding on a beautiful white horse.
On your left side is a drop off.
On your right side are several ostriches being chased by a lion.
In front of you are four large gazelles that won't get out of your way
and you can't seem to overtake them.
Behind you is a stampede of horses.
What must you do to get out of this highly dangerous situation?



* Get your drunk ass off the merry-go-round. *


Bottle of Merlot

A man asked a waiter to take a bottle of Merlot to an unusually attractive woman sitting alone at a table in a cozy little restaurant.
So the waiter took the Merlot to the woman and said, 'This is from the gentleman who is seated over there.'.... and indicated the sender with a nod of his head.
She stared at the wine coolly for a few seconds, not looking at the man, then decided to send a reply to him by a note..
The waiter, who was lingering nearby for a response, took the note from her and conveyed it to the gentleman.

The note read: 'For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in your garage, a million dollars in the bank and '7' inches in your pants'.

After reading the note, the man decided to compose one of his own in return. He folded the note, handed it to the waiter and instructed him to deliver it to the lady.

It read:
'Just to let you know things aren't always what they appear to be, I have a Ferrari Maranello, BMW Z8, Mercedes CL600, and a Porsche Turbo in my several garages; I have beautiful homes in Aspen and Miami , and a 10,000 acre ranch in Louisiana . There is over twenty million dollars in my bank account and portfolio. But, not even for a woman as beautiful as you, would I cut off three inches. Just send the bottle back'


Funny drinking quotes:

"Sometimes when I reflect back on all the wine I drink I feel shame. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the vineyards and all of their hopes and dreams If I didn't drink this wine, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, "It is better that I drink this wine and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver."
~ Jack Handy

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