What's New, February 2003
Miss Mathilda Our porch goose dressed for a Valentine's Day kiss.

Another season begins soon, when the winegrower begins pruning. 

Kinkead Ridge discovered under "New and Noteworthy" on Robin Garr's www.wineloverspage.com/winelinks
a great web site for wine lovers.

52 cases of Kinkead Cellars Riesling is sold out. We opened the winery doors for the first time on Saturday, December 14 to tremendous support from Brown County and the Ripley community. Thanks everyone for a wonderful opening day! Click here for opening day photos! Now we get a brief respite before pruning starts.

The winery will reopen in May for our exquisite 2001 reds.  Click here for a VINTAGE REVIEW of the 2002 harvest. 

Ron punching down the cap  
Punching down the cap on a Cabernet

Kinkead Ridge featured on Wine on the Web

The "Radio Postcard", an interview by internationally known wine broadcaster and author Andrew Jones with Ron is now available. We are excited to be featured on Wine on the Web, in very important company, including King Estate, Oregon, Chateau Phelan-Segur, Bordeaux, DeLoach Vineyards, Russian River Valley California, Frogs Leap, Napa Valley California, and Frescobaldi Nippozanno, Italy.

and follow the link to Radio Postcards and Features: Kinkead Ridge Winery. Alternatively, click  to here to read the text of the Radio




Friends in Ripley recently gave us a copy of the newspaper "The Ripley Bee" from February 1859, which describes the vintage of 1858. Total # of acres planted in this area: 1631. Total # of gallons produced: 18,199. At an average price of one dollar per gallon!