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2014 Lowell Marie Pinot Gris
A nose of pear and melon is followed by a hint of fruity sweetness blending melon and pears with a rapidly developed crispness and a late burst of citrus rinds.  The finish brings to mind Meyer lemon and shows a light minerality. A fine partner with hors d'ouevres and milder cheeses, this wine will compliment seafood, white fish and mild chicken dishes.  Serve chilled.   Grapes sourced from Washington state. Alcohol: 13.5%. $11.99.

2015 Lowell Marie Sauvignon Blanc
The nose is fruity with hints of white flowers.The wine is full-bodied and smooth on the tongue with crisp green apple blending with the mild citrus. Accompany a chilled glass with mellow creamy cheeses and dark stone fruits like cherries and plums. It will compliment grilled salmon, tuna or prawns, raw oysters and buttery chicken or veal dishes. Please chill gently. Grapes sourced from Sierra Foothills, California. Alcohol: 13.9%. $13.99.

2014 Lowell Marie Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2016 - Silver Medal
This nearly equal partnership of two classic Bordeaux white varieties starts with aromas of lemon and green apple notes. Reflects a surprising smoothness that would enhance soft creamy cheeses, nuts and succulent cherries, figs or plums.  This full bodied wine complements oysters, prawns, clams, flaky white fish, grilled salmon or tuna as well as chicken or veal.  Serve gently chilled. Grapes sourced from Washington state. 
Alcohol: 14.8%. $13.99.

2016 River Village Cellars Seyval Blanc
Described as between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in flavor, this wine is our first white wine put through malolactic fermentation to enhance a buttery flavor, and oak aged with Hungarian Oak which adds a hint of caramel and vanilla. With notes of grapefruit, green apple and minerality, Seyval Blanc goes well with fish, oysters, mussels and other shellfish, as well as spicy chicken dishes. It is ideal with cheeses like Havarti, Edam or Swiss. For an adventure, pair it with strong English or Irish cheeses. Grapes sourced from the Ohio River Valley appellation. Alcohol: 13.5%. $9.99.

2016 Lowell Marie Gruner Veltliner
This is our first offering of Gruner Veltliner with grapes sourced from the Grand River Valley appellation in Northern Ohio. This classic white grape of Austria is unique with flavors of celery, parsley, and green pepper, a citrus aroma, and finishes with a hint of lime zest. This is a wine to accompany fine food, to support savory meals with rich sauces by adding elegance with a crisp, clear acidity. Serve gently chilled. Alcohol: 13.5%. $9.99.

2014 Lowell Marie Roussanne Viognier (60%/40%)
2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - Bronze Medal
This wine begins with the orange blossom and flint on the nose revealing the Viognier.  The flavor is pineapple with hints of tobacco and a bracing mouthfeel.  The mixed herbal note and the distinct finish of lime zest gives voice to the Roussanne.  This Rhone style white wine will complement aromatic cheese and salami, sausage and specialty hams, and will bring a bracing crispness to rich chicken and veal dishes, enrich scallops, cream sauces and pasta with shellfish. Grapes sourced from Washington state. Alcohol: 13.6%. $14.99.

2015 Lowell Marie Viognier Roussanne (70%/30%)
This year's wine opens with sweet white blossoms on the nose with a hint of honey.  The style is off dry with pineapple and apple flavors from the Viognier and mild citrus from the Roussanne. A relaxing refreshment by the glass, it would be enhanced by sharp, dry cheeses and cured meats. It will pair well with meals of chicken, veal or mild pork featuring creamy sauces and with shellfish especially seared scallops. Grapes sourced from Sierra Foothills, California.  Alcohol: 15%. $14.99.

2016 Lowell Marie Catawba
Our new Catawba is a tribute to the grape that made Ohio the capital of winemaking in the United States until the Civil War. It is made from richly flavored grapes grown in the Grand River Valley appellation on Ohio's northern coast. Aromas of spring flowers and cedar trees. Semi-sweet. Alcohol: 11.3%. $9.99.

2016 Lowell Marie Two Rivers White
A semi-sweet wine that pays tribute to Ohio's diverse vineyards, with Traminette from McCafferty Bridge Vineyard on the southern border, and Catawba from Bootleggers Vineyard on the northern coast. Flavors of peach and nectarine blend with aromas of strawberry and spice. For a special treat, combine with Brie or Camembert. Enjoy it chilled on a summer afternoon. Alcohol: 12.2%. $10.99.

2016 River Village Cellars Traminette (Merand Nixon Vineyard)
This year's Traminette if off-dry. The spicy flavor with nutmeg and star anise notes, and floral aromas of rose, honeysuckle, and lavender, can stand up to fiery Asian or smoky Southwestern cuisine. Or enjoy a chilled glass on the deck on a warm summer evening or in front of the fire with a plate of soft, creamy cheeses and fruit when the frost is in the air. Grapes sourced from the Ohio River Valley appellation. Alcohol: 13.8%. Residual sugar: 1.6%. $9.99

2014 River Village Cellars Traminette (Meranda Nixon Vineyard) 
2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - Bronze Medal
In this semi-sweet white wine, River Village Cellars in Ripley, Ohio, captures the sweet fragrances of warm evenings, of honeysuckle and wild rose, of water lilies and lavendar.  Traminette, a vigorous hybrid from the Cornell research vineyard at Geneva, NY, tastes of nutmeg, rose and star anise.  Like its parent, Gewurztraminer, this wine stands up to the fiery spices of Asian cuisine, but this year's vintage was a bit softer and sweeter for sipping to recall the still, fragrant evenings of summer. Serve chilled. 
Grapes sourced from the Ohio River Valley appellation. Alcohol: 13.0%. Residual sugar: 2.9%. $9.99.

                                                                           RED WINES

2014 Lowell Marie Merlot
This Merlot is an early release especially well-suited for refreshing summer drinks and Sangrias as it doesn't overpower fresh fruits, and takes well to a bit of sweetness and sparkle. It also complements lighter outdoor meals and picnics and (dare I say it) could be lightly chilled. Grapes sourced from Lake County, California. Alcohol: 12.8%. $10.99.

 2013 River Village Cellars Chambourcin (McCafferty Bridge Vineyard)
2016 Ohio Wine Competition - Gold Medal
A French-American hybrid grape.  Full bodied, deep-colored dry red wine with notes of cassis, berry fruit, and plum. Pair with beef, lamb, wild game, or richly flavored cheeses. Grapes sourced from the Ohio River Valley appellation.
Alcohol: 12.8%. $11.99.

2016 River Village Cellars Chambourcin (Generation Hill Vineyard)
A French-American hybrid grape. 2016 Chambourcin was barrel aged for 18 months. The aroma boasts the black pepper and dark cherry that is the hallmark of the Chambourcin grape. This year's wine has a soft mouth feel, cherry in the mid-palate, and a spicy finish. Pair with grilled fish, roast chicken, roasted vegetables, or baked brie with fig and pistachio. Grapes sourced from Northern Kentucky - Ohio River Valley appellation. Alcohol: 13.7%. $11.99

2016 River Village Cellars Cabernet Franc
The 2016 Cabernet Franc was barrel aged for 18 months. With aromas of black currant, this medium-bodied, balanced wine brings the flavor of summer raspberries. Cabernet Franc pairs well with roast chicken, sausage, hearty fish dishes, vegetarian lasagna, lentil loaf, soft cheeses, and dark chocolate. Grapes sourced from Ashtabula, Ohio - Grand River Valley appellation. Alcohol: 13.3%. $14.99

2016 Lowell Marie Cabernet Sauvignon
This classic red wine was barrel aged for 18 months. The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon shows a rustic red color, and aroma of dark berries. This is a tannic, well-balanced wine that pairs well with simple meatballs, barbecue lamb ribs, garlic chicken wings, zucchini gratin, braised red cabbage, and arugula. Grapes sourced from Washington State. Alcohol: 14.8%. $14.99.

2016 River Village Cellars Don's Wine (Regent)
This is the first effort using Regent grapes, a hybrid grape native to Germany. The 2016 red wine was barrel aged for 18 months. With aroma of cassis and cherry, this unusual wine has a mild, light and fruity taste. Don's Wine pairs well with Beef Wellington, braised lamb shanks, vegetarian chili or roasted sweet potatoes or portabella mushrooms. Grapes sourced from Ashtabula, Ohio - Grand River Valley appellation. Alcohol: 14.3%. $17.99.

2016 Lowell Marie Logan's Wine (Zinfandel/Merlot)
Zinfandel and Merlot were combined in a unique blend that was barrel aged for 18 months. A deep inky color heralds a fruity nose of strawberry and cherry. Logan's Wine is a very full-bodied tannic red with a bright, fruit forward taste and a hint of oak. It pairs well with beef, lamb, and pork, spicy Asian or curry dishes, vegetarian pizza, and black bean burgers with all the trimmings. Zinfandel grapes sourced from Sonoma Mountains Region, California. Merlot grapes sourced from Washington State.
Alcohol: 16.8%. $17.99.

2014 Lowell Marie Petite Sirah 
Our Petite Sirah is an intense magenta purple that characterizes this full bodied, tannic Red. The flavor has elements of dark fruit, white pepper and licorice. The nose has notes of leather and licorice. The tannins give way to a spicy finish that enhances outdoor braised or grilled fare from prime rib and steaks to hearty burgers on the grill. Grapes sourced from Amador County, California. Alcohol: 14.1%. $19.99.

2014 Lowell Marie Zinfandel 
This Zinfandel is a bold, very full bodied wine with flavors of dark berries, plum and black fruit. The nose has rich fruitiness with aromatic caramel notes. It's intense enough to stand up to strong flavors like rare steaks, smoky barbecue or robust stews of beef or lamb. Try it with meaty lasagna or pizza with Italian sausage and pepperoni. Grapes sourced from Amador County, California. Alcohol: 16.5%. $19.99.

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