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   Vineyard Planted 1999           First Vintage 2001 

Kinkead Ridge Winery is under new ownership! 

Watch this space for a grand re-opening and release of 2014 Pinot Gris, Viognier/Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon and Traminette.

The winery will NOT be open Memorial Day weekend or summer Saturdays until further notice, until federal and state licenses are transitioned. 
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The mission of Kinkead Ridge is to produce ultra-premium estate-bottled wine in Southern Ohio (Ohio River Valley appellation), exclusively vinifera, with great attention and care paid to cultural practices and classic winemaking techniques. 

Our primary grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Viognier, and Riesling. Smaller quantities of Petit Verdot, Roussanne and Chardonnay fill out the mix. 

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Kinkead Ridge featured in internationally published "Opus Vino" wine reference book, in "1000 Great Everyday Wines from the World's Best Wineries" and Jancis Robinson's "American Wines".

"The real magic and mystery of wine lies in this: that though wine be grown in innumerable areas, great wines can only be produced in special places and in minute quantities."
--British author, Alec Waugh

"When it comes to wine, small is beautiful. Did you know that over 50% of wine sold in the U.S. is made by just five giant companies? With the sheer volume produced, quality may be OK, but it's rarely exciting. For wines of character, seek out smaller estates run by individuals and families for whom making wine is more than just a living. The care they lavish on their limited-production wines shows in every sip."
--Wall Street Journal



Wine country is in your own back yard!

Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator:

"The truth is that some of wine's most thrilling acts -- the ones you want to shout about from the rooftops -- are small scale. They're barely even commercial. But not to hear of them isn't merely to miss out on a buying opportunity. Indeed, it would mean missing out on something more important yet, because simply knowing that these efforts are being made in today's hyper-commercialized world is an inspiration. 

It's all about finding good wines to try. Expensive wine is easy to buy. Technically good (if  boring) wine is easy to buy. But really good wine is trickier. Despite the fact that there's more really good, even great wine today than ever before, it's paradoxically now more challenging to land on, like finding a good TV show even though you've got 400 channels. 

Even Wine Spectator, whose readers can be relied upon to have more than a passing interest in the subject, regularly receives complaints after recommending one wine or another whose total number of cases made wouldn't suffice to build a small igloo."

Note: Kinkead Ridge. Case production ranges from fewer than 100 cases to our largest run ever, the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon: 377 cases. Miniscule.

Kinkead Ridge Winery and Vineyard are for sale, click here

A Kinkead Ridge Viognier/Roussanne and Cabernet Franc were rated as Top 100 Exciting Wine Finds, international list compiled by Tom Stevenson, British editor of the New Sothebys Wine Encyclopedia and publisher of the paperback Wine Report. 
Ann Boucher named the 2005 Petit Verdot her 2007 Wine of the Year. 



Our Terroir

Picture by Christopher GriffithTerroir, loosely defined as the total natural environment of a viticultural site (there is no exact translation from the French) is a particular determinant of wine quality. At Kinkead Ridge, we have the advantage of ancient soils underlain by hundreds of feet  of broken limestone on ridge tops overlooking the Ohio River. We have excellent exposure and air drainage due to our 450' elevation above and 2 mile proximity to the river. The modified continental climate offers challenges, but in a good vintage this site has the potential to make world class wines.  Our location is approximately 60 miles east of Cincinnati. Terroir has also been defined as "a sense of place." For more about terroir, click

"Rest assured, the quality at Kinkead Ridge is very high, and I would argue represents the best in Ohio and possibly the eastern US.  I would also add that yes indeed their terroir is worth expressing!  A good sniff and a quick taste will prove that to anyone.  The important thing to me is that these are not wines of ego, rather they are clearly wines of place.  Ron and Nancy have worked hard to clearly express the virtues of their vineyard, and have given the wine drinking public something rare indeed…  an entirely new wine region, with its own unique combination of flavors and aromas.  To me this is exactly what fine wine is all about." Click here to read this stunning review.
--Chuck and Ann Boucher, Serendipity Wine Shop, Columbus

There is an interesting article on Terroir in the New York Times, Talk Dirt to Me. May 2007. Click Talk Dirt to Me - New York Times



Ripley, Ohio is a 55-acre National Historic District on the scenic Ohio River located approximately 60 miles east of Cincinnati along the scenic Ohio River, and approximately 100 miles south of Columbus. Rich in history, from Tecumseh and the Shawnee to pioneers and the Civil War, Ripley gained a reputation throughout the United States for its strong beliefs in the abolition of slavery, and many of its citizens were active in the Underground Railroad movement. 

See for things to do in and around Ripley and northern Kentucky. 

We are proud our wines reflect our unique terroir.

Proud members of WineAmerica and Ohio Grape Industries Program



"Give the little guys a chance. It's hard to be a small producer. Small producers often offer wines with special individuality and character... these wines are rare."
Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, Wall Street Journal
"All fine wine should have a sense of place."
"We're partial to wines that are made where the grapes are grown because they have a sense of place that we find special."
Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, Wall Street Journal
"Too often wines don't taste like they come from somewhere." 
Eric Asimov, New York Times
"Winemaking is witchcraft. Sometimes the spells work and sometimes they don't.
There are no recipes." 
Nancy Bentley, Owner, Kinkead Ridge

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